New – Master in Christian Ministry

icon_mcm_revisedThe landscape of professional ministry is changing, and BTSR is moving forward in preparing ministers in new and innovative ways. While the training of pastors or church ministry staff remains a core focus of our seminary education, we recognize that many are called to minister in ways that extend beyond the local church or mission field.

“I see many prospective students who feel called to serve, but they don’t feel like a church staff is the place where they are best suited with their gifts and abilities.” says Tiffany Pittman,  Director of Admissions & Recruitment for BTSR. “They are exploring seminary education because they want to pursue their professional goals from a foundation based on spiritual growth and sound theology. They want to serve in more secular or nontraditional areas, but they want to view them through the lens of the Gospel.”

The new Master in Christian Ministry is a professional academic degree program at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond designed to prepare ministry leaders for the twenty –first century in areas other than preaching, pastoral, or traditional church related ministries. This degree program is intended to prepare those called to serve in the numerous ministry opportunities not directly tied to a church. Those called to serve in faith-based professional settings in a constantly shifting global environment are at the forefront of ministry done in fresh and creative ways. The M.C.M. is specifically designed for those who want to challenge themselves with a graduate level learning experience to serve in places like nonprofit organizations, nontraditional ministries, or other faith-based settings.

Act now! The first five accepted students to the MCM Program will receive their first course tuition free!

For more information regarding the Master of Christian Ministry, contact the BTSR Admissions Office.