2014 Graduating Class Gift


Every year, BTSR’s graduation class commissions a gift. It’s a way for graduates to say “Thank You” to the seminary and to leave their legacy to inspire continuing and incoming students. The Class of 2014 chose to commission a new piece of art as their class gift.

Artist Terry Chancellor, sister-in-law of 2014 graduate Rhon Williams, agreed to complete the work, entitled “Do As I Have Done For You.”  The class wanted the art to depict one of the primary themes of BTSR – servant ministry.

The pitcher, towel and basin are important images, real and significant to each graduate.  Terry left no detail to chance — she came to campus, photographed BTSR’s pitcher and bowl (always on display in the entry of our new campus) and even researched the look and feel of true-to-period pottery at the time of Christ.  Each graduate provided words and Bible verses that had become particularly special to them during their years as a student.

With all this in hand, she created a mixed-medium work that combines paint, water color, and paper on a wood panel.  The colors were chosen thoughtfully and the artist allowed the colors to flow together and expose the wood below, another element that reminds us of Christ.

The result is a moving piece of art that quite literally speaks to all of us – words, images and meditational inspiration.  In fact, the artist said of her work, “It was a very meditative process, which I feel lends itself that much more to a work such as this. To watch it unfold was like watching a flower bloom.  I was merely the hands for the work of the true Master and greatest Creator.”

This beautiful class gift will hang on the wall of the lounge shared by students, staff, faculty and visitors; reminding us all of God’s most basic, yet greatest call – to serve one another.  We have plans to begin using this moving and thought-provoking image, so be on the lookout.  Thank you to the Class of 2014 and thank you Terry Chancellor!