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BTSR opened for classes in September 1991 to question, discover, learn, and serve in Jesus’s name. Springing from historic Baptist soil, the seminary became an expression of innovation and creativity in theological education. The seminary was established originally by the Alliance of Baptists, but it has since been nurtured by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Baptist General Association of Virginia.

From the original 32 students who enrolled in 1991, the student body has grown to over 100 degree-seeking students, and the curriculum has evolved into an expansive network of learning experiences. BTSR offers online learning and cross-registration programs with Union Presbyterian Seminary and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University, as well as dual-degree programs with Virginia Commonwealth University. The seminary currently has more than 650 graduates serving all around the world in local congregations, social service agencies, educational institutions, chaplaincies, and on the mission field.

BTSR donors have pride in knowing that their gifts are used to advance the Kingdom by preparing ministry leaders for the twenty-first century for placement in churches and organizations in Virginia and throughout the world. Donors’ gifts help provide for an excellent BTSR faculty, a stimulating and relevant curriculum, a full lineup of guest speakers and visiting instructors, student housing, a range of extracurricular activities, and much more.

The following are a few examples of the many ways that gifts to the seminary are put to good use.

The Faculty
With doctorates from such institutions as Duke, Oxford and Zurich; authorship of countless books and scholarly articles; and a far-reaching schedule of personal presentations in religious and secular venues; BTSR’s faculty is one of the best in the nation. We take pride in our faculty. Year after year they receive excellent reviews from our students.

libraryThrough a cost-sharing agreement with Union-PSCE, BTSR provides for its students the use of the nationally acclaimed William Smith Morton Library located on Union’s campus. Though our campus is no longer just across the street, our students still have easy access to this great library. It is one of the best-equipped resource centers in American theological education.

Mission Immersion Experience (MIE)
Master of Divinity degree students are required to go on a MIE trip. It is actually a course at BTSR. For a semester students study the culture of a foreign country. In the following January or May term the students in the class take MIE trip and experience the unique culture of that country and the way the Gospel is heard and practiced. BTSR President, Dr. Ron Crawford tells students, “If you are lucky you will go to Kenya and stay in a manure covered hut and learn from a person who lives on a dollar a day what it means to have the love of Jesus in your heart.” MIE trips range from South America, Africa, and places closer to home such as Appalachia.

Buildings and Grounds
After more than twenty years at the Brook Road campus, in September 2013 BTSR opened the doors to a new, 17,000 square foot home a few miles away in Villa Park. On October 17, we held an open house so that the community could see for themselves why we’re so excited about the future of our school.
There’s been a lot of discussion over the past year about the future of our school – where we’re going and how our new facility will reflect the vision of the school. We’ll, that future is here, and we want to share our story with the community.”

The school’s design captures the spiritual centeredness of the seminary and its students, and it emphasizes the role collaboration plays in the future of theological education. We’re preparing ministry leaders for the twenty-first century. Our new cutting-edge facility helps us to accomplish that mission.
Classroom Education

The Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees are the core programs at BTSR and donors’ gifts help support everything from curriculum development to graduation ceremonies. Whether studying Biblical Hebrew, Worship and Pastoral Care, or Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife, BTSR students are educated within an extensive and intensive learning environment that prepares them for God’s calling.

Gifts from donors are the lifeblood of BTSR. It’s only with your gifts and support that we are able to prepare ministry leaders for the twenty-first century. Your gifts enable us to be here, to provide the education, resources, and support to train and educate our students so that they can thrive in the ministry into which God has called them. We can’t thank you enough!