BTSR Preview Days March 4-5, 2014

Have you seen our new home? Do you want to visit a class? Would lunch and conversation about our degree programs with the Dean be helpful?

If so, please come to our BTSR Preview Days where you can “walk in the shoes” of a seminarian for a day. John G. participated in the past Preview Day, October 18, 2013. He said, “Preview Days really sealed the deal for me because everyone was so open and welcoming.” John felt this event “gave him a glimpse of where the school stands academically and what kind of work is expected of the students.” His application is already in – the admissions’ time clock is ticking. Now it’s your turn!

Come and experience what John is talking about – Register Now!

MIE_2014Dr. Ron Crawford received this email two days ago from a student on the MIE trip to Cape Town, South Africa. These are life changing opportunities!

Dr. Crawford,

I just wanted to send an email to you and express my gratitude to you and BTSR and donors etc. for the support that’s given to the MIE program. This trip has been absolutely PHENOMENAL. There are no words for how epic this experience has been. It is indescribable and hands down one of the most incredible experiences of my life. South Africa is surreal. The people we have met, fellowshipped with, stayed with, and worshipped with have been so gracious and welcoming to us and I have learned and felt so much.  It’s overwhelming in the greatest way.  And also, Dr. Oladipo’s leadership, love, and compassion for this place and for us is matched by no professor or teacher I have ever had and I am so grateful and so fortunate to be here with such a brilliant person. So thank you. Thank you so much for making sure that it is possible for students to have an MIE experience. The support that the school gives to us to make sure this is possible is so important and I am so thankful for it. I’m having the time of my life!

Absolute best,

Ps: we were 3ft away from a pride of lions today! No big deal ;)


CONGRATULATIONS to BTSR Trustee and D.Min graduate, Dr. Valerie Carter, on her new position Executive Director of the WMUV!

(Photo from WMUV webpage)

Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond was award a $200,000 grant by the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund, Inc in December. The grant is given to fund two proposals for BTSR. Half of the grant will go to fund scholarships to reduce the costs of the Mission Immersion Experience trips for qualifying students from Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The other half of the money will go to the development of cutting edge, high quality, short term hybrid courses for our August, January, and May terms that involve both classroom and online methods and that incorporate the best use of technology and classroom pedagogy. The money will be used for training faculty, developing classes, and implementing those new classes by January 2015 at the latest. BTSR is delighted to have received this grant so that it can continue to offer the best in theological education in the 21st century!

Dr. Caleb Oladipo and BTSR Missions Immersion Experience class arrives safely in South Africa.