Degree Programs

At BTSR, our mission is to prepare ministry leaders for the twenty-first century. We pursue our goal by providing advanced theological education through the following courses of study:

icon_mdiv Master of Divinity
An academic professional degree offering concentrations in: Biblical Interpretation, Christian Education, Youth & Student Ministries, and Justice & Peace Building (students have the option of not choosing a concentration). These different concentrations are all built on the same foundation of theological education that focuses on spiritual formation, global engagement and preparation for ministry.
icon_dmin Doctor of Ministry
A program designed for busy ministers. The program utilizes Bowen Family Systems theory to provide a contextual leadership focus. Core seminars begin online and culminate with a one-week residential intensive twice a year. Elective courses can be taken on campus, online, or as independent studies.
icon_dual Dual-degree Programs
BTSR partners with Virginia Commonwealth University, and is a member of the Richmond Theological Consortium. Through these partnerships, we are able to offer dual-degree programs. By enrolling as a dual-degree student, BTSR students can work towards there MDiv. as well as pursuing either a Master of Social Work or a Master of Science in Patient Counseling. For students that are more sure of their calling, these programs offer a great opportunity to focus their course of study in a practical way.
icon_mts Master of Theological Studies
A degree program intended for students preparing for teaching or theological research, preparation for non-ordained ministry, or those interested in their own general education. This degree program provides exposure to a broad range of theological disciplines, including Christian history, ethics, biblical studies, theology, along with cultural and social concerns.
icon_mcm_revised Master in Christian Ministry
A professional-academic degree program designed to prepare women and men for competent leadership in specialized ministries in their faith communities. This program provides students with practical ministry training shaped by a firm grounding in rigorous theological studies. It is designed to meet the need for ministerial leadership training for the wide range of possibilities for 21st century ministry settings.
icon_cts Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
For persons who seek basic theological training to enhance their participation in their congregation or profession.  The certificate can also serve as a gateway to formal application to a degree program for those exploring their calling or who desire to begin formal theological studies but are not ready to commit to a program of study.

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For more information about degree programs, please contact:
Lacy Kendrick
Registrar and Director of Financial Aid

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