Degree Programs

At BTSR, our mission is to prepare ministry leaders for the twenty-first century. We pursue our goal by providing advanced theological education through six programs of study. Students are able to take classes in one of three primary tracks. Each track provides a student with a smooth pathway to complete a BTSR degree.

*    Traditional Day Classes

*    Online Classes

*    Evening and Weekend Classes


icon_mdiv Master of Divinity
An academic professional degree offering concentrations in: Biblical Interpretation, Christian Education, Youth & Student Ministries, and Justice & Peace Building (students have the option of not choosing a concentration). These different concentrations are all built on the same foundation of theological education that focuses on spiritual formation, global engagement and preparation for ministry.
icon_dmin Doctor of Ministry
A program designed for busy ministers. The program utilizes Bowen Family Systems theory to provide a contextual leadership focus. Core seminars begin online and culminate with a one-week residential intensive twice a year. Elective courses can be taken on campus, online, or as independent studies.
icon_dual Dual-degree Programs
BTSR partners with Virginia Commonwealth University, and is a member of the Richmond Theological Consortium. Through these partnerships, we are able to offer dual-degree programs. By enrolling as a dual-degree student, BTSR students can work towards there MDiv. as well as pursuing either a Master of Social Work or a Master of Science in Patient Counseling. For students that are more sure of their calling, these programs offer a great opportunity to focus their course of study in a practical way.
icon_mts Master of Theological Studies
A degree program intended for students preparing for teaching or theological research or those interested in their own general education. This degree program provides exposure to a broad range of theological disciplines, including Christian history, ethics, biblical studies, theology, along with cultural and social concerns.
icon_mcm_revised Master in Christian Ministry
A professional-academic degree program designed to prepare women and men for competent leadership in specialized ministries in their faith communities. This program provides students with practical ministry training shaped by a firm grounding in rigorous theological studies. It is designed to meet the need for ministerial leadership training for the wide range of possibilities for 21st century ministry settings.
icon_cts Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
For persons who seek basic theological training to enhance their participation in their congregation or profession.  The certificate can also serve as a gateway to formal application to a degree program for those exploring their calling or who desire to begin formal theological studies but are not ready to commit to a program of study.

What Does It Cost To Attend BTSR?

For more information about degree programs, please contact:
Susan Blanchard
Registrar and Director of Financial Aid

Melissa Fallen
Director of Admissions and Recruitment