M.Div/M.S in Patient Counseling

This dual degree is offered in cooperation with the School of Allied Health Professions at VCU and is designed to equip chaplains and pastoral counselors for the practice of ministry in their fields.

To participate in the program, a student must be admitted to both the M.Div. program at BTSR and the Master of Science degree in Patient Counseling at VCU. Admission to BTSR does not assure admission to VCU. The deadline for applying to VCU is February 1 of the first year at BTSR.

The program is designed for completion in four full years. Upon completion of all study the student receives a Master of Divinity degree from BTSR and a Master of Science degree in Patient Counseling from VCU

The student spends the first two years of study in theological class work at BTSR, with summers devoted to Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs at VCU. During the third year of the program, the focus of learning is at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, where specifically designed advanced CPE work will join interdisciplinary seminars taught in tandem by university and seminary faculty, on a rotating basis. Course requirements are completed at BTSR during the fourth year. The list of required courses at BTSR follows below.

For more information about this program, contact the Director of Admissions. For specific questions about admission, tuition, and financial aid at VCU, call the Program of Patient Counseling at (804) 828-0928.

Students must complete 20 course credits at BTSR, including the following required courses (14.5 credits):

Biblical Studies

B1111 Old Testament I B1111 Old Testament II
B1511 New Testament I B1511 New Testament II
B1XX1 Greek or Hebrew I B1XX1 Greek or Hebrew II

Historical/Theological Studies

HT2111 Intro Chr. Tradition I    HT2112 Intro Chr. Trad. II
HT2410 Intro to Christian Ethics  HT2311 Christian Theology I
HT2610 Intro to Christian Mission  HT2312 Christian Theology II

Ministry Studies

M3211 Intro to Chr. Spirituality   M3410 Basic Pastoral Care
M3110 Ministry of Preaching  M3206 Exploring Min. Identity