The School of Social Work of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has an agreement with the Richmond Theological Consortium that allows a student to earn an M. Div. from BTSR and an M.S.W. from VCU.

To participate in the program, a student must be admitted to both the M.Div. program at BTSR and the Master of Social Work program at VCU. Admission to BTSR does not assure admission to the VCU School of Social Work. Students considering this option should contact VCU as early as possible to obtain information about School of Social Work admission policies, financial aid, etc. The VCU program is extremely competitive, and its application deadline is May 1 of the year preceding enrollment.

Students engage in a prescribed program of either one or two years of theological study at BTSR and then complete the two-year M.S.W. program at the School of Social Work. Upon completion of the social work program, students will receive the M.S.W. degree from VCU and one of the following from BTSR: a M.Div. degree (for those who completed the two-year program of study at BTSR) or a certificate in theology (for the one-year program of study at BTSR).

Students deal with the two schools separately for purposes of admission, tuition payment, financial aid and the like. For a VCU graduate bulletin ($3) or a free VCU graduate school prospectus, call (804) 828-6916, or visit the VCU School of Social Work Web site at www.vcu.edu.

Students must complete 20 course credits at BTSR, including the following required courses (14.5 credits):

Biblical Studies

B1111 Old Testament I B1112 Old Testament II 
B1511 New Testament I B1512 New Testament II
B1XX1 Greek or Hebrew I B1XX2 Greek or Hebrew II


Historical/Theological Studies

HT2111 Intro Chr. Tradition I HT2112 Intro Chr. Trad. II 
HT2410 Intro to Christian Ethics HT2311 Chr. Theology I 
HT2610 Intro to Christian Mission HT2312 Chr. Theology II


Ministry Studies

M3211 Intro to Chr. Spirituality M3410 Basic Pastoral Care
M3110 Ministry of Preaching M3206 Exploring Min. Identity

Upon completion of all requirements for both degrees, the student will be awarded the M.S.W. by VCU and the M.Div. by BTSR.