Hybrid Courses

In addition to fully online courses, BTSR offers a number of hybrid courses. A hybrid course is one in which students meet face-to-face on campus for a portion of the semester, with the remainder of the course completed online. For example, a hybrid class might meet every other Monday for the first eight to ten weeks of the semester. These are typically full-day sessions. However, some classes meet more often for shorter sessions. Online coursework is required in between sessions and the remainder of the semester is conducted via online assignments, discussions, and papers or exams.

The seminary is also introducing courses with a combination online/hybrid format. At BTSR we have students who enjoy online classes, but we also have those who want a face-to-face classroom experience. An online/hybrid class has a section offered as a fully online course and a section offered as a hybrid course with both online and face-to-face elements. Students are required to do the same assignments and readings, and are required to participate in an online discussion board to bring the two sections together for conversation. BTSR will continue to work to refine this model to make the widest variety of theological education available for our students.