Online Student – Jason

Jason tops off his cup of decaf and settles in front of his computer. It’s 11:23 PM Central Standard Time. The kids are finally asleep and the dog has made her final trip out for the night. Jason logs in to his online course “Introduction to the Old Testament II”. He reads several articles that the professor posted earlier in the day. Then he enters the discussion forum for the week. Jason sees that the professor has responded to the question he posted yesterday. Next he reads the reflections that his classmates have posted throughout the day on the new article. Jason finds himself nodding in agreement with some comments, chuckling at a few, and in complete disagreement with another. He joins the discussion to respond to several comments and to share his own perspective.

Jason believes that God has called him to be a pastor. He wants to earn a seminary degree so that he is better prepared for this ministry, but he has a family, a dog, and a home in Amarillo. He needs to keep his full-time job at the bank to support his family, and he preaches each week at a local retirement home. Relocating really isn’t an option and there isn’t an accredited theological seminary nearby.

Jason is a Master of Divinity student at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Virginia (BTSR). Because of BTSR’s commitment to offering online seminary courses, Jason is able to take many of his classes from his home in Amarillo, Texas. He goes to Richmond about once a year for a 3-week period to participate in on-site classes. It may not be the quickest way to get through seminary, but it meets Jason’s needs.