Scholarships & Financial Aid

At BTSR, we believe that our students are following a calling. We do everything we can to to make sure each student has the resources they need to successfully pursue that calling during their time here. In order to help provide these resources, BTSR has four types of Financial Aid that are available for qualified BTSR students. Please click on the links below for more information.

Prospective and continuing students should carefully consider the most responsible and effective ways to pay for their education. Susan Blanchard, Registrar/Director of Financial Aid, or Melissa Fallen, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, can assist you with any questions you have concerning the many financial aid options available.

Outside Scholarships

BTSR partners with many Baptist agencies and organizations, and non-baptist organizations, to provide scholarship opportunities for our students. Follow the link above for a list of scholarship opportunities that you may qualify for. If there is a scholarship opportunity that you are interested in that is not on the list, please contact Susan Blanchard, BTSR’s Registrar and Director of Financial Aid, to talk about this opportunity.

Federal Loans

BTSR participates in the Direct Loan program which services Federal Stafford Student Loans. More info on filling out your FAFSA, BTSR’s school code, and loan repayment can be found through this link.

BTSR Financial Aid

BTSR administers it’s own aid program for students. This financial aid is only possible through the generous gifts from donors, churches, and other organizations such as CBF and BGAV.

Recruitment Scholarships

Incoming students could be eligible for recruitment scholarships. Please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment for more information.

Click here to learn more about what it costs to attend BTSR.

Prospective International Students: Please note BTSR International Financial Aid is no longer available. International students may apply for BTSR Financial Aid and outside scholarships where qualified.