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10 am – Registration

10:30-12:30 – Marjorie Thompson’s keynote

12:30-1:15 – Lunch

1:15-2:30 – Breakout sessions




Marjorie Thompson – keynote
The Dance of Personal and Communal Spiritual Practice

Join us as Rev. Thompson leads us in a lecture and practices that will help ministers deepen their spiritual disciplines and enhance their local ministries.

The Reverend Marjorie J. Thompson brings to her ministry over 25 years of experience in retreat work, teaching, and writing in the area of Christian spiritual formation. She is the author of Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life (Westminster/John Knox Press, 1995/2014) and Family, the Forming Center (Upper Room Books, 1989/1996), she considers writing a central dimension of her calling as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Marjorie has served two congregations in pastoral ministry, and as adjunct faculty for six seminaries. Her educational path includes Swarthmore College, McCormick Theological Seminary, and a research fellowship at Yale Divinity School, where she was deeply influenced by her mentor, the late Henri Nouwen.


Breakout sessions:


Ridgeway Addison – Howard Thurman Speaks to the Contemporary Christian

As a Baptist minister, pastoral theologian, educator, and “spiritual father” of the American Civil Rights movement, Howard Thurman (1900-1981) made significant contributions to the religious and ethical life of twentieth-century America. 

Claiming Thurman as a “holy man for the new millennium,” American theologian Martin Marty suggested in 1999 that Thurman’s unique ability to tutor the “religious quest for freedom” demands that scholars and practitioners afford his efforts at spiritual and societal reconciliation the same consideration as those of his better-known contemporaries Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, and Evelyn Underhill.

Taking Martin Marty’s contention seriously, workshop participants will be (re)introduced to Howard Thurman as a means of imagining together what “word” his life and teachings might speak to contemporary issues in congregational leadership, spiritual formation and pastoral care, and social transformation. This workshop aims to engage your head and heart, as well as your pastoral calling and your ministry “to-do” list. Expect to be nourished and challenged. 


Suzanne L. Vinson – Sacred Pause: The Art of Creative Spirituality

Suzanne Vinson artist and ordained minister, seeks to delight, plant seeds of wisdom, and touch heartstrings through her art. Her art and retreats aim to bless others and to heal. To whisper truths that we already know and feel, but need to be voiced. To remind us of the goodness we carry within. To resonate deeply in the heart and connect us through our common humanity. To evoke a smile from deep within. To inspire. 

With a spirit of collaboration, community, and playfulness, participants will consciously infuse their work with head, heart, and hands, mindfully present to the moment. Everyone, at every comfort level from little to great, feels comfortable diving into the creative play. What is shared is sacred and just right for the gathering. You’ll leave more relaxed than you entered, with more energy and care to share with those in your world. Suzanne will bring her expertise to this session integrating deep breathing, guided imagery, creativity, prayers, and poetry into a fully sensual experience.


Marjorie Thompson – follow up question and answer time

Marjorie Thompson will also lead a breakout session as a follow up question and answer time from the morning hour. This informal time will be driven by your feedback and conversation interests.