BTSR’s Mission Immersion Experience (MIE) is a significant, life changing, required component of the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and Master in Christian Ministry (M.C.M.) degree programs. We know of no other seminary that requires such an experience – BTSR does so because we believe strongly that God is at work throughout the world and in all cultures. We have much to learn from each other.

BTSR’s intention is to enhance students’ global view of the Church during their formative years for Christian ministry and to strengthen their cross-cultural perspectives.  Students are well-prepared, taught to understand and interpret their experiences and trained to develop skills and perceptions that will shape their future ministries and leadership roles in the world.

The MIE program goals are:

  • To experience the shared love of God in settings new to the student
  • To gain a better understanding and appreciation for different people and their culture
  • To have opportunities to share one’s faith and to exhibit a servant attitude
  • To make discoveries about one’s identity through encounters with persons of another culture
  • To interact with professionals and church leaders in an effort to engage in dialogue, noting points of intersection and mutual learning
  • To develop experience, leadership skills, and principles for future ministry

The MIE Program has visited South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Argentina, Malaysia, Costa Rica, China, and many other countries.

President Emeritus Ron Crawford has said of the MIE, “If you are lucky you will go to Kenya, stay in a manure-covered hut, and learn from a person who lives on a dollar a day or less, what it means to have the love of Jesus in your heart.”  Indeed, students who have participated in MIE programs at BTSR have developed a cross-cultural Christian character that continues to enrich their lives far beyond graduation.

A recent survey of alumni affirmed that MIE is indeed a key formative, influential, and critical part of ministry preparation. BTSR is thrilled to learn when alumni extend their mission and MIE learning into their current ministry.