Students today juggle family, job, and other obligations while earning a degree.  Offering online courses gives students an option for flexibility as they manage their schedules and commitments. 

BTSR has been offering online classes since 2000. These years of experience in online education have taught us how to offer well balanced online classes — classes that provide greater flexibility for our students, while also not losing the relational and community aspect of theological education that is so important to training ministers and missionaries.

All graduate level degrees have a residential requirement as mandated by ATS, our accrediting body. However, M.Div. students can take up to two-thirds of their classes online. Students pursuing other degrees are also able to take online classes, although more in class time in required for these other degrees.

What can students expect in an online course?

There is a common misperception that online classes are easier than traditional classes. On the contrary, some students find online classes just as challenging, if not more so, than traditional classes. We’ve compiled several resources below that will help you think about whether or not online classes are the best fit for you. These resources will also help you understand what requirements are needed for online classes and how to best prepare for them. Please click on the headings below to learn more about the online learning experience at BTSR.

Is Online Learning for Me?

Some students perform better in the classroom. Some students excel with the added technology of online learning. Which are you?

What should I expect in an online course?

Preparation and participation in online classes can be an obstacle for some students new to online learning. Learn more about what an online classroom is really like.

BTSR computing requirements

To make sure you will able to fully experience the online classroom, make sure your technology is up-to-date by checking our computing requirements.