At our beginning almost thirty years ago, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond aimed to “put holes in the darkness” by shining the light of Baptist freedom and honoring Baptist distinctives at a time when both were at risk. With the help of a remarkable, top-notch faculty — who educated over 750 alumni/alumnae, the living legacy of BTSR — there can be no doubt that we indeed put a mighty hole in the darkness, shining a light that will last for generations.

On November 12, the trustees of BTSR announced that the school will close due to financial pressures. Even as we, along with the entire BTSR community, grieve this new reality, our focus has turned to the faculty members who are facing unexpected early retirement. (We are well down the road of identifying the resources and institutional partners to support the 64 students whose theological educations — and very lives — have also been disrupted by these changes.)

Our primary focus is the future of the five distinguished faculty members who have ably served BTSR for so many years:

Mark Biddle.
Beth Newman.
Scott Spencer.
Art Wright Jr.
Tracy Hartman.

In order for us to provide transitional assistance and a dignified departure for our faculty members as they embark upon the next chapter of their lives, our goal is to provide a severance package of one year’s salary and benefits to each of them. In years past, during faculty layoffs, we were able to offer a similar package.

We are reaching out for your help to ensure an equivalent level of support. We are pleased to announce that three generous donors have stepped up to commit $160,000 as a match toward this goal. Knowing that your designated gifts for the “Faculty Severance Fund” will be matched dollar for dollar, we ask you to commit funds to this end so we can finish strong and express our lasting gratitude to our faculty.

We ask that you prayerfully consider a generous final gift of support as we close out this phase in the life of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. 

Click here to make your gift today. We are grateful for your commitment and generosity and we work diligently to honor the lifelong impact our faculty have made in the lives of our 750 graduates around the world.